Chapter 192

Nolan was very distressed as his young wife had kicked him out. ‘I just wanted to help her get changed. It’s not like I was going to do anything to her. Was that necessary? “Mr. Goldmann.” Stephen came over slowly. Nolan adjusted the hem of his jacket, and his expression returned to being indifferent and cool. “Mr. Vanderbilt?” “Is Zee all right now?” “She’s fine, alive and well,” Nolan answered indifferently. He then thought of something and added, “You can go in later.” After Maisie changed into her clothes, Stephen opened the door, entered the ward, and placed the thermos in his hand on the table. “This is the broth that I asked the housekeeper to cook for you. This will help replenish your body.” “Okay, I’ll drink it later.” Maisie accepted it. Stephen walked up to the chair next to the bed, sat down, and slowly explained, “Zee, I’m sorry, I’m the one who harmed you. I didn’t expect that Leila would do such a thing to you.” Maisie could not help but be startled. ‘Leila? M

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