Chapter 1935

“Hah, you came to me before I even went to see you.” Colton looked around and crossed his legs. “Yanis was a tech company that you used Donald’s share to set up, right? You hid it very well.” Nollace ran his fingers over the rim of the cup. “It’s just a small company, so there is nothing to shout about.” Colton crossed his arms. “Would it still be considered small if it had a shareholder from such a big group?” He then stared at Nollace. “What’s your intention behind using someone else’s name to partner up with Blackgold?” “I have no special intentions.” Nollace raised his brows and chuckled. “People say that you need to be very careful when working with the Goldmanns. I’m just doing my due diligence.” Colton squinted, trying to guess if he was telling the truth. Nollace placed the cup down. “I didn’t come here about that today.” Colton looked at him. “Get to the point.” “Donald is still alive and is very possibly trying to find out where I am. I can’t expose myself in Bassbur

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