Chapter 1947

Daisie looked at him. “It’s only tens of millions. I can pay you that.” Mitchell could not help but laugh out loud. “Of course, you can pay me that amount, but unfortunately, money can no longer satisfy me.” After all, Mitchell was once an A-lister. Tens of millions were nothing to him, so it was only natural that money could not satisfy him. Daisie frowned. Her hands behind her back kept groping for the knot. “Then what do you want?” Mitchell smiled grimly. “I want you two to end up just like me. That must be very exciting.” He turned around and summoned the people outside the door. “Come in.” Four men appeared outside the door, looking at the two women on the ground maliciously. “These two women are worthy of being celebrities. Don’t they look beautiful? Everything will be worth it after tonight.” Susan trembled vigorously, knelt on the ground, and wept. “Mitchell, please let me go. I... I’m all yours to command, okay?” Mitchell stopped in front of her and watched as she begg

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