Chapter 1955

Freyja didn’t answer, so Maisie laughed. “She said it wouldn’t be up to you if she married into the family. It would be up to her.” Colton looked at her and looked angry. ‘What does that mean? She had no plans to marry me all along?’ ‘That must be why Mom is against our relationship…’ Freyja had already made up her mind because she had a complicated past. Expecting the Goldmanns to accept her would be a stretch. She took a deep breath and chuckled. “Colton, you don’t get to decide by yourself if we’re together or not.” She had her reservations, so if she were rejected, it wouldn’t hurt that badly. And if Colton weren’t the one controlling everything, he wouldn’t be the only one who could pull the plug. She felt better thinking that way. Colton looked angry. “Freyja!” “I’m sorry, Mrs. Goldmann, I should leave.” Freyja turned and was going to leave. Before Daisie spoke, Maisie’s voice echoed. “Will running away help you feel better?” Freyja froze on the spot. The voice

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