Chapter 1972

However, Sandy did not make any moves against the Knowles even after Nollace came to Zlokova. Nollace said, “That’s because my grandfather is there. She wouldn’t dare to do anything to the Knowles. Besides, it’s exactly because I’m not in Yaramoor that it’ll be easier to take me out than going up against the Knowles?” Edison felt he was right. If something were to happen to Nollace when he was in another country, it was something that both Sandy and Donald would want to see. In any case, regardless of what Sandy was up to, it was always not wrong to stay alert. The night was falling, and the city lit up. Colton returned to the Goldmann mansion. After getting out of the car, he rushed all the way to the mansion. When he heard from the butler that Maisie was in the study room, he went upstairs. Maisie was sitting behind the table, working on her new design with rapt attention. When she heard the knocking on the door, she froze and said, “Come in.” Colton pushed the door open and

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