Chapter 1974

“Leonardo.” Colton lifted his eyelids. “Contact the publishing companies that published these magazines and tell them to get the money ready.” “Money?” Leonardo was stunned for a while before understanding what Colton was going to do. “You’re going to sue them?” Colton put the cap of the pen back on and said, “We're going to sue them for slander, disinformation, and spreading fictitious facts to degrade the reputation of others. Whether or not they want to compensate for our loss or shut down, I'll let them make the choice.” Leonardo nodded. “Understood.” As soon as Leonardo came out of the office, he saw Daisie rushing down the corridor. However, before he could say anything, Daisie pushed the door to the office open. “Colton.” Colton raised his head to see Daisie pressing her hands on the desk. “Has Mrs. Pruitt come to Bassburgh?” He frowned. “Yes.” Daisie took a deep breath and continued. “Now she’s spreading fake news to discredit Freyja. If Freyja sees those things she sai

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