Chapter 1991

Daisie pushed the door of the private room open, saw about five people behind the wooden screen, and walked in. Shannon was the first to see her, so he got up and walked toward her. “Daisie, you’re finally here. Come and join us, and let me introduce the latest investor of our drama to you.” Daisie’s gaze landed on the man sitting with his back facing her. Just as Shannon had finished speaking, the man turned his head slowly and met her gaze. Daisie froze in place for a moment, and she could not believe who she saw. “You...” There was a smile on the corner of his lips, and it looked as warm and elegant as it was back then. “Daisie, it’s been a long time.” Daisie chuckled and patted his upper arm. “Zephir, it’s really you! Since when did you return to Zlokova?” The screenwriters and producers present in the room were all astonished. Even Shannon could not help but laugh out loud. “Do you know each other?” Zephir looked at Shannon, smiled, and nodded. “Yeah, we’re quite familiar w

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