Chapter 1995

Freyja raised her hand and stroked her head. “The nanny at home won’t hurt you, so be brave and don’t be afraid anymore, okay?” Deedee did not utter a single word. “Mr. Goldmann.” The nanny suddenly stepped aside and nodded respectfully. Colton handed his suit to the nanny, and the nanny took it from him and stepped back. He then unbuttoned his cuffs and stepped forward. “What’s wrong?” Freyja said something to Deedee, and the latter took a glance at Colton before going upstairs. She stood up, turned around, and stared at Colton. “Deedee is still mentally scarred. She just won’t follow anyone that she doesn’t know well around.” Colton took a glance upstairs. “Maybe we can find her a therapist to help her out.” After saying that, he turned his head and looked at her. “You’re now pregnant, and you still have to make time to take care of her. And the main thing is that besides you, she won’t let the nanny take care of her. So if we don’t give her the right guidance, I’m afraid that

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