Chapter 2003

Daisie was stunned. Zephir was so close to her that she could count his eyelashes. His finger felt cold on her skin, and even though he was just wiping the soup off the corner of her lips, she had a feeling that he was caressing his girlfriend. If it were in the past, she would have thought that he did this out of goodwill or he was just taking care of her like his sister. However, she felt it was strange right now. Perhaps it was because his breathing felt scalding on her skin. Daisie took the tissue paper away from his hand and put some distance between them. “It’s okay, Zephir. I can do it myself.” Zephir did not say anything. He just smiled. After they had finished their meal, they left the restaurant. Zephir stopped his car in front of her. However, he did not drive away even after she got into his car. While she was wondering what Zephir was doing, he suddenly leaned toward her, and she was stunned. She subconsciously put her hand on his shoulder to push him away and said,

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