Chapter 2006

If it were before, why would Colton have any concerns? Deep down, Freyja’s heart was filled with mixed feelings at this moment, and she could not tell them apart. On the one hand, it was Deedee who was very dependent and only wanted to stay with her. On the other hand, it was her child’s father and the man she loved. “Why are you standing at the door?” A voice pulled her back to reality. She exchanged gazes with Colton, hesitated for a bit, and then walked into the study. “What did the therapist tell you?” “He didn’t say much.” Colton put the documents away. Upon recalling something, he added, “I’ll find some kids to come over to accompany her tomorrow. Although they’re slightly older than she is, they should be able to mix well.” Freyja was astounded and seemed to have realized something. While she was in Yaramoor, apart from Freyja, Deedee would only stay with the nanny. When it came to friends, she had only played with the nanny’s granddaughter, but they did not keep in touch

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