Chapter 2012

Nollace had seen through Bear’s ways. “Rumor has it that you don’t like to take your opponent down or kill them in one move because there’s no sense of accomplishment. You like to fool around with them, and you’ll deprive them of their last hope of survival when they’re exhausted, “So the calmer I am, the less you’ll get to enjoy the pleasure of hunting your prey in this fight. That’s why you won’t let me die so soon.” Bear stood up, took off his shirt, and attacked him with his knife. “You’re still not my match when it comes to a fistfight!” Nollace defended himself with his bare hands, avoiding the knife’s tip and Bear’s attack, while the other man snuck behind him. He immediately kicked the table forward to block Bear’s legs, turned around, grabbed the man’s wrist, and folded his arm downward, dislocating his shoulder. Bear kicked the table away and rushed toward him. Nollace pulled the man forward and used his body to block Bear’s attack, and the tip of his knife stabbed into

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