Chapter 2015

Freyja gnashed her teeth. “Mother, Deedee is innocent! You shouldn’t treat her like this!” “Innocent?” Sandy sneered and lifted her chin with her cigarette holder. “That b*tch gave up her own life just to give birth to this useless piece of cr*p. She didn’t even inherit the slightest shrewdness from her father. Who’s to blame for that?” Freyja was trembling with anger. “You’ve already forced her father to his death! Do you plan to push his only daughter in the same direction too?” Sandy slapped her ferociously. The half of her face that turned away looked extremely discomposed. “Shut your mouth!” Sandy’s expression looked horrifying. “Nollace Knowles is the one who killed Ken!” Freyja raised her head and laughed out loud, ignoring her swollen cheek. “You’ve completely lost your sanity. You keep saying that Nollace is the person who killed Ken, but it’s just your way of comforting yourself.“ “Presumptuous!” Sandy grabbed Freyja’s hair. “You b*tch! How dare you piss me off right h

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