Chapter 201

Nolan took a deep breath, his face looking tense. “I’ll go.” ‘How can I let other men buy this kind of thing for her?’ Nolan picked up the car key and rushed out, leaving the surprised woman behind. He then drove to the nearest convenience store. This was his first time buying such an item for a woman, plus he did not know the brand that she had been using all this time, so he bought one packet each. When he came to the cashier for checkout, the middle-aged woman who was dozing off at the cashier was awakened by the pile of sanitary napkins on the conveyor belt. She stared at Nolan with an awkward gaze. ‘What kind of obsession does this handsome young man have?’ Nolan’s expression turned gloomy while he was being stared at, so he clenched his hand into a fist, placed it next to his mouth, and cleared his throat. “I’m buying these for my wife.” “You’re already married? Oh, that’s great.” Only then did the middle-aged woman snap out of the suspicion that she had deep down and pa

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