Chapter 2021

Edison left Taylorton, and everything had returned to normal. Daisie sat on the couch for a long while. As she stroked the diamond ring on her finger, a bad feeling rose from her stomach pit. She feared that the nightmare she had that night would come true. Suddenly, her phone rang and shattered the silence. She thought Nollace was calling her, so she quickly picked it up. However, when she saw it was Zephir, her smile disappeared. She hesitated for a moment before answering the call, “Zephir?” Zephir was standing in front of the window, teasing the budgerigar with a feather. “I'm so sorry for the trouble I caused you last time I asked you to dinner, but I'll clear it up for you.” Daisie smiled. “I’ll be counting on you then, Zephir.” Zephir was stunned and squinted. ‘So she wants me to clarify it for her?’ When Zephir fell silent for a long while, Daisie asked, “Zephir? Are you there?” Something crossed Zephir’s eyes as he looked into the distance through the window. “Yeah.

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