Chapter 2024

After all, the underground gang in Ora was only a bunch of showers. They gained control over the masses by using guns, violence, and huge benefits. Although many people joined them, they were far less reliable than the Southerns. The people who worked under the Southerns were tough, hot-blooded men. They valued justice above everything, and even if they violated one of the rules, they would be expelled. This was also the reason Strix wanted to work with the Southerns. … A merchant ship was traveling on the boundless sea. When the man entered the cabin with his dinner, Nollace was sitting on the edge of the bed, changing his bandages. The air was filled with the smell of medicine and blood. “You’re awake, sir.” The man put the dinner on the desk next to the bed and sat at the side respectfully. “You’ve been unconscious for several days due to a high fever. Are you feeling better now?” While Nollace was bandaging his injured arm, he lifted his eyes and looked at the man. “You peop

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