Chapter 2045

Cameron’s smile faded. Nollace did not stay to hear her answer. He picked his jacket up and left. He was certain that the answer was only going to be yes. Cameron waited until he disappeared into the door to lean against her chair, her mood pensive and thoughtful. A woman approached her from the side and informed her, “Mr. Cameron? Ms. Serrano invited you on a date in a restaurant.” A smile shadowed Cameron’s lips. “And she couldn’t even wait.” … The venue was devoid of other patrons. Clearly, Florence had the whole establishment cleared out just for her. Now, her bodyguards stood outside like a row of samurais. Cameron brought two women with her. She found Florence refining her make-up from her seat, her eyes staring at a compact mirror. “Ah, Cameron! You kept me waiting for a little too long.” The cap on her lipstick clicked. She looked up and flashed Cameron her most seductive smile. Cameron pulled a chair out, sat, and chortled. “That’s your winning make-up? You wouldn’t

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