Chapter 2049

Florence wasn’t expecting someone to derail her plan. Cameron, the *sshole, was messing up her plans again! She started sweating while she clenched her jaw. “Cameron, this is none of your business. Stay out of it.” Cameron was the heir of the Southerns, and even her father Joaqin wouldn’t dare lay a finger on him, especially when Cameron was a very good combatant and was really good with hidden weapons. Even Fabio’s men were wary of his tricks. On top of that, he was as good a fighter as Manuel, and even if there were a group of them, they would be no match for him. Cameron crossed her arms and smiled. “You’re supposed to be my fiancee. How am I supposed to feel when you’re trying to grab a man in the middle of town?” Daisie was shocked but didn’t say anything. ‘Florence is Cameron’s fiancee!? He has such terrible taste!’ Florence’s face turned pale, and she was angry but had to keep it together. Her father wanted her to marry Cameron, but if he used this chance to tell on her,

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