Chapter 2051

As for Waylon, he looked just like a flower that grew up in a snowy mountain, sacred and unreachable. It was only now Cameron saw the light of why Florence was so obsessed with him. “As expected of the eldest son of the Goldmanns. Not only are you good at fighting, but you’re calm and collected as well.” Daisie looked at him in shock. ‘He knows my brother’s identity?’ Waylon narrowed his eyes. “It seems like nothing can escape your eye, Mr. Southern.” “I can see that something big is going to happen in the East Islands.” Cameron turned her head to look at Daisie. She raised his eyebrows and smiled at her. “So, girl, do you want to come home with me? It’s much safer there than staying with your brother.” Daisie was stunned. She looked at Waylon and said, “I’m not scared. I’ll stay with my brother.” Cameron chuckled and went closer to her. “You’re such an idiot. Do you know how much Ms. Serrano is obsessed with your brother? She’s coming for your life. If you come home with me, I

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