Chapter 2053

Joaqin shot daggers at Nollace and said, “Just you wait for me.” He then took his men and left. Nollace caressed his rings, and his gaze was cold. His entire being was enveloped in a chrysalis of evil energy that would force other people to stay away from him. Regardless of who it was, there would be hell to pay for those who dared to hurt Daisie. Meanwhile, at the Southern mansion… The maid brought Daisie to her room. “Miss, here we are. If you have anything you need, you can let us know.” Daisie replied with a smile, “Alright. Thank you.” After the maid left, she stood in front of the mirror. There was a forest at the back of the Southern mansion, and she could catch the fresh scent of the mud from the wind. Even though the room was decorated in an ancient style, the furniture was of modern style, and even the bed was from Simmons. The entire room gave off a cozy and was rather poetic. “How do you feel about the room?” She turned her head around and saw Cameron standing b

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