Chapter 2060

Cameron flipped back in the air, grabbed a rod to block a blow, kicked his calf with a low kick, and instantly snapped his arm. The man screamed in pain and could no longer move. Cameron pushed him away, flexibly spun the bat in her hand, and glanced at the men who were about to approach her. “What are you waiting for? Come at me together!” The group of men rushed up to her together. Cameron took a step to the side, came to the left side of the person dashing in the front, blocked his attack with the hand with the brass knuckle, and swung the iron rod toward the crowd. She ducked, avoiding the sneak attack, and the steel rod in her hand swung across the air and hit the opponent’s thigh and arm. And as the sound of bone cracking echoed, those men fell to the ground among the chaos. The two of them fought their way through the middle of the group of goons, and all the seriously injured men in black fell to the ground and could no longer get back up. At that moment, the leader's exp

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