Chapter 2070

Nollace frowned. “What if you already know where the money has gone?” Sunny took a sip of tea and looked at the table for a long while before replying, “Then they can’t stay here anymore. This is the last act of mercy I’ll show him.” After that, he added, “Oh yeah, help me to keep an eye on the people around Florence. I suspect that some of them have already betrayed Joaqin. It’s just that he doesn’t know about it.” Daisie was standing in front of the door. She did not knock on the door because she overheard their conversation. Just when she was hesitating, the voice of a waiter erupted behind her. “Miss, are you a guest from this private room? Is there anything I can help you with?” Daisie jumped up in fright and waved her hand. “Nope.” She hastily left. Nollace opened the door. He saw that the waiter was standing outside of the door, staring in the direction where Daisie had disappeared with a confused face. He looked in that direction, and the figure that disappeared into t

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