Chapter 207

“Nonsense! How would my son scold someone? And are you telling me that it’s reasonable to beat my son now?” the woman said so while looking at the teacher. “Where’s the principal? Get the principal here and give us an explanation about this incident. Do the Linwoods look like some random pushover to you?” The teacher felt very helpless while she was overlooking the situation. She then glanced at Colton. “Colton, no matter what, you’ve hit your classmate, and that’s not the right thing to do. You have to apologize to him.” “Why should I apologize first? He called me a b*stard who doesn’t have a father. Shouldn’t he apologize to me too?” Colton asked while tilting his head. Ryleigh took a deep breath after listening to this. “Isn’t your son a rude little boy? Who is he calling a b*stard who doesn’t have a father?” ‘Holy sh*t, thank God I’m the one who’s been summoned here. ‘If Zee were to be the one who’s standing here, wouldn’t she have slapped the kid? And if she were to come here

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