Chapter 2084

Waylon watched Daisie walk away. It was time he looked into the identity of ‘Ms. Torres’. The rumors spread quickly, and Daisie suddenly became the future Mrs. Southern, and it finally got to Sunny. Sunny, who was polishing his antique vase, looked up. “Where did these rumors come from?” The butler replied. “The martial arts center. Cameron has been training with Ms. Vanderbilt for the past few days, and many people have seen them. They must have assumed that they have a thing going on.” How would the two girls have a thing going on!? Sunny was amused. “That’s a huge misunderstanding.” Still, the butler was worried. “I’m worried that Cameron’s identity will be exposed one day.” Sunny placed the vase back into the box. “It will happen sooner or later, but the later, the better, especially when we have a very clever guest at home.” “Do you mean Mr. Goldmann?” “Do you remember he mentioned Ms. Torres?” Sunny took a deep breath. “He must have bumped into Cam when she went out as a

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