Chapter 2105

Cameron frowned subconsciously. ‘Is Manuel not planning to tie up the loose end? Or is he planning something else?’ At that moment, Waylon received a text message from Saydie, and his expression became slightly serious. “Crap! Manuel’s target is Daisie!” Cameron was startled. “What!?” She immediately told her subordinate, “Send someone to The Commune now!” … Daisie grabbed a cab to The Commune. Her original purpose was to create an opportunity where Waylon and Cameron could be left alone. Her presence was absolutely insignificant. Given Waylon’s capability, he would definitely be able to help Cameron solve the problem, so Daisie’s presence would only make her the third wheel. She looked out the window, noticed something, and frowned. “Sir, the route that you’re taking doesn’t seem right, does it?” The driver did not answer her and abruptly pulled the car over on the side of the road and unlocked the door. Daisie quickly pushed the door open and got out of the car. At this time

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