Chapter 2107

They kept chasing them, and it was obvious they were after blood. Deep in the woods, the trees grew close to one another. The echo of gunshots startled the birds, which flew in all directions. Cameron and Waylon hid behind a tree that was big enough to cover the both of them. She looked past the branches and saw that a few men were still looking around, but there was nowhere to go in front of them because it was an island, and the edge was a cliff. Waylon waved at her. “Give me the gun. I’ll distract them.” Cameron looked at him. “Are you trying to leave me behind?” Waylon smiled. “You could do that too.” Cameron handed the gun to him and took out a dagger from behind. “Be careful. It would be tough for me to answer to your family if you die here.” He took the gun and loaded it. Cameron gave all the remaining bullets to him. “There are twenty-four in total. It should be enough.” He looked at Cameron and didn’t say anything, then quickly ran out. The men saw him. “They’re o

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