Chapter 2109

Sunny’s face was dark while his hand behind his back curled. Nollace looked at him. “I suspect that the perpetrator might have sent out two groups of people at the same time. One group attacked Daisie while the other went for Cameron and Waylon.” The people who had attacked Daisie hadn’t brought weapons, so it was obvious they weren’t trying to take her life but just to kidnap her. However, the group that had gone after Cameron and Waylon was armed and ready to kill. Sunny clenched his jaw. “After the previous incident, Manuel probably wouldn’t be daring enough to attack again. Could it be the person behind him?” Manuel had hired killers from the Skull Club, but they failed. Now that he had control of The Serpents, Fabio would not let him off if he failed again. Nollace raised his brows. “What if Manuel didn’t plan this?” Sunny frowned. Nollace continued. “Don’t forget the person contacting The Serpents in secret.” He was shocked. “Donald?” “Don’t you find it weird that Man

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