Chapter 2119

Cameron sat down in the chair next to the bed. “What would happen to me? But things are different with you. You’re not as young as you used to be now, so what you should do is escape when you find yourself in a sticky situation. What were you thinking, going head-to-head with Manuel’s men?” Sunny put down the bowl in his hand. “I’m fine. You and Wayne are the ones that I worry about. I can finally rest assured now that you two are alright.” Cameron crossed her arms and did not utter a single word. “By the way, thanks to Daisie, we managed to catch two b*stards who tried to take advantage of the situation that we’re in. Joaqin is still alive, so I’m sure that Manuel will definitely think about assassinating him again.” Cameron looked at him. “So you’re the one who saved him. No wonder.” He explained earnestly, “Cam, no matter what happened between The Serpents and us before this, Joaqin is still the head of the Serranos. He’ll be able to help us to some extent in the future. In the

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