Chapter 2125

Sunny nodded. “That’s fine. What about Mateo?” Mahina replied. “I’ve informed Mateo. He’s loyal to Joaqin, so he won’t ignore anything that involves him.” Sunny raised his brows. “What about Cam?” Mahina hesitated, but it was best not to hide it. “She… went to see Mr. Puzo.” … Meanwhile, when Fabio heard that Cameron tried to meet him, he squinted. Before he could reply, someone next to him sounded very careful. “Mr. Southern is as cunning as his old man. He probably wants to meet you to talk about The Serpents.” They had caught wind that Joaqin was still alive, but they didn’t care whether Manuel was the one who tried to kill him. Now that The Serpents were under them, The Southern Clan would have to meet them to talk about this. Fabio took a drag of his cigarette. After a long pause, he crushed the bud in the ashtray. “Where is he?” “He’s at Parkin.” Cameron sat in the main hall of the Parkin Chamber of Commerce. Everyone there had their guards up and stood in two rows.

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