Chapter 2130

Daisie replied in a serious voice, “No way! The first rule in chess is that we must go all out regardless of who we're playing with. If you lose, you lose.” Cameron crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “Dad, just admit that you’re not as good as her. Stop bullying a little girl.” Cameron sighed. “There's no one to continue my bloodline. Is there anything worse than that?” Daisie couldn’t help herself and laughed. Cameron then said with a straight face, “You talk as if I can really help you to pass on your lineage.” Sunny picked up a cup of tea and sighed. “But how are you going to explain it this time?” She did not want to waste her time with him, so she said, “Alright, let’s stop that. I have something to discuss with you.” Sunny became serious and asked, “What is it about?” Daisie knew she shouldn’t stay here, so she rose to her feet and said, “Then I’ll go back to my room first.” Cameron sat on Daisie’s seat and filled him with everything she had said to Fabio y

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