Chapter 2132

Cameron returned to her senses and caught Waylon’s gaze. ‘Have I been staring at him all this while?’ Cameron cleared her throat and turned her head away. “Did you grow up eating walnuts?” “Walnuts?” Waylon frowned, squinted, and then gave off a faint smirk. “That’s rather superstitious, but are you praising me, Mr. Southern?” She looked out the window. “Whatever, you’re free to think however you like.” She did not know if it was because of the rumors, but she felt a little awkward when she was with Waylon. ‘He should have heard of those rumors too, but maybe he’s not taking it seriously. Could it be that I’m the only one who keeps thinking about it?’ At half past five in the evening, Manuel drove to the pier. As soon as Florence woke up in the back seat, she was shocked to see herself in the car. She then thought of the words that Manuel had said to her before knocking her out and was outraged. “Where are you taking me!? Manuel Estrada, you’d better let me go!” Manuel glanced

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