Chapter 2137

Fabio’s expression looked terrifyingly gloomy. “If someone hadn’t secretly informed Manuel about my plan, would he have run away? Now that both of them have died, The Serpents have no leader at the moment. And let’s not forget that Joaqin is still alive. The Southern Clan has truly gotten away with this as the biggest winner.” ‘If Manuel was the only one who died in the accident, at least we could still take advantage of Florence’s ignorance. ‘As long as Florence was still under my control, Mateo would never have the guts to go against her. ‘However, now that both of them are dead, it’s only logical for Mateo to persuade everyone in The Serpents to go back to the Southern Clan. And without someone to exert control, it will be even more difficult for me to deal with the Southern Clan.’ Buchanon looked at him. “Is there really something wrong with the men working under us?” ‘Otherwise, how could the Southern Clan be ahead of everything?’ After a short moment of silence, Fabio stare

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