Chapter 2139

Mateo was surprised. “Is Ms. Gail Leroy your spy?” Gail was an assassin who had been hiding among Huntley’s men. All the Orean underground forces knew her as the Black Widow. The woman was known to be extremely cruel. Rumor had it that she was originally a prisoner on death row, waiting to be executed. Huntley was the person who had hired someone in the system to replace Gail with another female prisoner during the execution and got her released secretly. Huntley had always looked very clean and pure on the surface, and he was able to connect with many politicians only because Gail was the one who got her hands dirty on his behalf. Waylon lifted his gaze and smirked. “I only got someone to take over Gail’s identity.” Mateo was surprised. “What about the real Ms. Leroy?” Waylon squinted as he stared at the tea in the cup. “Let’s just put it this way. She might not be able to make it here today.” Mateo inhaled sharply. ‘Just who is this foreigner? He managed to get someone to repl

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