Chapter 213

‘She’s a woman that has slept with other men, and she’s still planning to bring her kids along when she moves into the Zimmermans? That’s impossible.’ But seeing how her son was reacting, Mrs. Zimmerman could only accept the fact that Maisie was a woman who had had children. ‘She still has to come over and serve me after moving into the Zimmermans.’ “Oh, do you want me to abandon my children?” Maisie smiled. “Zee, the Zimmermans don’t even care about the children, yet you still want to bring your children along when you marry Jimmy? Are you out of your mind?” Madam Vanderbilt sounded anxious. ‘Is this b*tch planning to ruin the marriage arrangement? Keep dreaming!’ Madam Vanderbilt quickly glanced at Yanis. Yanis naturally understood what she meant. ‘Anyway, what’s been done can never be undone. We’ll make it happen today even if we have to achieve our goal through force.’ How the Vanderbilts supported each other’s play halfway through the meal could almost form a theatrical a

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