Chapter 2147

Donald took a sip from the wine and continued in a calm manner. “He told me that the woman looks very much alike to someone from Mr. Puzo’s side.” Buchanon was shocked. “You’re talking about Ms. Leroy?” Out of the women around Fabio, only Gail was capable of fighting. However, he remembered something and quickly shot down that notion. “It shouldn’t be her. Huntley introduced her. Huntley doesn’t have any connection with the Southern Clan, so there’s no way Ms. Leroy is working for the Southern Clan.” Donald lowered his head and gazed into the wine glass. “Other than Huntley, no one has ever seen Ms. Leroy before. What if she isn’t the real Ms. Leroy?” Buchanon fell silent. Using the light in the private room, Donald looked at him. “Why don’t you send someone to keep an eye on her, Mr. Gibson? Of course, I hope she isn’t the one we’re looking for as well, but if she’s suspicious, Mr. Puzo might owe you a favor then.” Their conversation ended around 10:00 p.m. Buchanon came out of

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