Chapter 2150

The people in The Serpents were filled with fear when they heard about Mateo's death. Even though they were no longer in Fabio's territory, they did not know about Joaqin's whereabouts, and there was no one to lead them now. Soon, Fabio sent someone over and took some of them back while the rest of them went into hiding. There were not many people left in The Serpents, and they were on the verge of disbanding. Meanwhile, in the hospital… Mateo’s men had all gathered in Joaqin’s ward. When Joaqin heard of Mateo’s death, he was filled with grief and hated himself for being powerless. Cameron and her men appeared in front of the ward, and the crowd in the ward all turned their heads to look at her. She stopped in front of Joaqin’s bed and said, “My father said he’ll give you an explanation regarding Mateo’s death.” Joaqin did not say anything, but the people in the ward were agitated. “Explanation? What kind of explanation? Mr. Southern Sr. said that he’d help us, but what happened

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