Chapter 2159

Waylon couldn’t help but smirk, then picked up his cup of tea and sipped on it. Cameron held the ice pack against the skin. “Because of that blind date. I hope my dad doesn't agree to any more of those.” “Mr. Walde was thinking about your future.” The butler felt bad as Damian didn’t know that Cameron was a girl. She glared at Waylon, who was casually sipping tea, and suddenly remembered something. “Why didn’t I think of getting Mr. Goldmann to go on my behalf? You’re a real man.” The blind date didn’t mean anything to her because she was a lady, but Waylon was a man. Waylon looked up. “I have no right to take your place.” Cameron sat next to him. “Not at all. I’m giving you the power to do that. “You’re at an age to get married anyway, and I have the candidates for you. Since you’ve come all the way here, you might as well bring a sister-in-law back for your sister. Isn’t that great?” The butler looked uneasy because Cameron was the one who was forced to go on blind dates, b

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