Chapter 2161

The next day, at Yuzu Villa… Minzy was sitting in the private room. She felt nervous, and her heart was pumping rapidly as she looked at Waylon. After all, the man before her was the most outstanding man she had ever seen so far. He had a handsome and sharp face, yet there was a trace of gentleness between his eyebrows. She grabbed tightly at the cup and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, are you from the East Islands?” Holding a cup of tea in his hand, he replied, “Nope.” Minzy lowered her face and smiled. “So where are you from?” Waylon lifted his eyelids and replied, “I am from Bassburgh.” She smiled. “Well, I’m from Kong Ports. It’s pretty near, isn’t it?” As if something crossed her head, she asked again, “Are you Mr. Southern’s friend?” Waylon looked outside through the window absentmindedly and replied, “Well, you can put it that way too if you want.” Minzy did not expect him to know Cameron, and it seemed to her that they were rather close too. If she had known it earlier, she wou

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