Chapter 2163

“Well, it’s a good thing she’s upset.” Sunny patted his shoulder. “I’m worried that she’s happy, but now, it seems like even the dullest people will feel jealous as well. Hahaha.” The sky was getting dark. After Cameron finished taking her bath, she brushed her teeth in the bathroom. She grabbed the cup and raised her head to look at herself in the mirror. Touching her lips with her finger, she mumbled, “What if we really kissed…” When she came around her senses, she slammed the cup on the washbasin and looked at herself in shock. ‘What the hell am I thinking?’ She grabbed her hair and left the bathroom in a hurry. It was brightly lit everywhere, and then Sunny came into the room with a group of maids behind him. “Cam, you’re finally awake. You should get up now and get yourself dressed. The groom will arrive at any minute.” “What groom? What are you talking about?” She was dumbfounded, “No, Dad, I—” Before she could finish her sentence, Sunny waved his hand, and that group of

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