Chapter 2174

“Are you interested in me?” Waylon’s sudden bluntness made Minzy blush and look down with a smile. “I felt a rush when I saw you. I guess that’s what love at first sight feels like.” Waylon nonchalantly looked around. “What do you like about me?” Minzy paused, then smiled. “Do I need a reason to?” “You don’t, but I don’t think I’m charming enough to make you fall for me at first sight.” “Are you not confident?” She looked shocked. He smiled. “If Cameron hadn't messed up the date intentionally, and if she were a man, would you date her?” Minzy couldn't answer that because if Cameron were a man and hadn’t messed up the date, she wouldn’t know if she would date her. And that was before she met Waylon. Minzy clearly said, “If I didn’t meet you, I might. Fate is such an interesting thing, right?” Waylon squinted. “You look like a good choice for a wife.” She looked happy. “Do you really think so?” He calmly continued. “But to me, we’re from two different worlds. You’re a well-re

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