Chapter 2182

Fabio grunted. “F*ck!” The men in black surrounded the car with guns. “Fabio Puzo, your time is up.” Seeing that Fabio did not respond, one of them carefully went around the car and came to the rear of the car, where Fabio rushed out from behind abruptly. The man was caught off guard, reacted almost instantly, and a thunderous gunshot pierced through the sky, but the bullet missed. The man in black had his gun snatched, lost his balance as Fabio kicked him violently, and fell to the ground. When the other men saw this, they immediately fired at Fabio. Fabio retreated to the rear of the car to avoid the bullets. The shattered glass cut his arm, and blood spurted through torn flesh. And that was when a man in black suddenly rolled over the car's roof and knocked Fabio down. Just as he was about to shoot Fabio, someone shouted, “Sh*t! Someone’s here!” The man lost focus for a split second and was kicked over by Fabio. The latter picked up the gun and shot him in the head, and blood

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