Chapter 2185

Cameron was rather smart but could also sometimes be very confused. However, when faced with life-and-death situations, she was always a calm and rational person, but she seemed to lose her cool very easily and often when she was in front of him. Waylon stretched out his hand, tucked the locks and strands of hair that were covering her face behind her auricle with his fingertips, and squinted slightly. “Good for you, getting to sleep so soundly.” … A ray of sunlight beamed into the room through the window, penetrated through the gap in the curtains, and reflected onto the couch. Cameron slowly opened her eyes, recalled something, and sat up abruptly. She removed the blanket covering her, looked around, and suddenly remembered the purpose of her visit to Waylon’s room last night. It was obvious that she had not only fallen asleep in his room but also forgotten what she wanted to talk to him about. Cameron walked up to the door and opened it, and that was when two maids who passed b

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