Chapter 2191

Cameron held her eye in pain and clenched her jaw. “You’re not playing by the rules!” The man grabbed her by her hair and sniggered. “You really are a good fighter, so we need to use some tricks. It feels terrible, doesn’t it? You can only blame yourself for being Mr. Southern Sr.’s daughter!” Cameron couldn’t open her eyes. She was careless when dealing with these goons. “Alright, Ms. Southern, please come with us.” The man hit her, and she fainted. He then pushed her into the car and drove off quickly. Meanwhile, a black car rushed over while Waylon, who was in the passenger’s seat, tried calling Cameron, but no one picked up. Quincy drove. “Do you think something happened to her?” Saydie had said that ‘Mr. Southern’ was just as good a fighter as she was. It was impossible that something could have happened to her. Waylon stared at his screen and frowned. “Even the best fighter might not always win. Step on it.” Quincy accelerated and suddenly saw cars blocking their way. H

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