Chapter 2193

Cameron’s shoulders started shaking after holding her head down for a long time. Before the man could think, she started laughing. The man felt chills, as well as that she was mocking her, so he grabbed her hair and yelled, “What the f*ck are you laughing at!?” Cameron opened her eyes. Her cold eyes were bloodshot, and her eyelids looked swollen. “People who are rude to me never have happy endings.” Before he could process what Cameron said, the latter got rid of her restraints and wrapped the rope around his throat tightly. The man kicked around while his face was swollen and red as he was running out of breath. The other man put Cameron in a chokehold to try to get her away, but she twisted his finger upward. He let go because of the pain, but Cameron grabbed onto his arm and twisted it, dislocating it. The man who was strangled slowly ran out of breath while Cameron put a foot on his head. Half his face was on the food on the floor. Cameron looked down at him with no expres

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