Chapter 2201

“You’ve always been very vigilant, but when all hell breaks loose, it’s only natural for you not to notice the change in the number of people. Would you care when your gun was replaced by another gun?” The appearance of the police had already ruined his plan. He would never find out that Jake had taken the opportunity to switch his gun out for another one because his attention was not on himself throughout the whole time. Donald laughed. “Nollace Knowles, you’re indeed extremely ruthless. You clearly knew that he was in the same car as us, but you still tried to knock us over to stop us. Weren’t you afraid that he would die too?” Nollace’s expression looked indifferent. “I didn’t intend to kill you, but if I hadn’t done something to force you into stopping the car, he still wouldn’t make it out alive once your men found out that something smelled fishy with him.” Jake would only be safe when chaos and danger hit. If Jake had not improvised and driven the car directly toward the po

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