Chapter 2205

Cameron’s expression froze. She felt extremely embarrassed as she stared at the cup of tea in her hand. ‘Did I just use someone else’s cups and drink someone else’s tea?’ Fortunately, no one was looking at her, so she restrained her expression, placed the teacup back on the table, pushed it back to Waylon, and said in a low voice, “Anyway, I’m not the one who’s suffered a loss from this.” He rubbed the mouth of the teacup, lowered his gaze, and smirked. “People who’ve taken advantage of somebody else always love to say that.” She replied casually, “Yes, you’re right about that.” Waylon then slowly poured some tea into the cup, picked it up, and placed the cup against his lips. Cameron was stunned for a split second and could not stay calm while that was happening. He drank the tea slowly, and his lips now covered the rim of the cup that still had her lipstick mark. The way he swallowed the tea and wiped the corners of his lips with his thumb was somehow very seductive to her at t

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