Chapter 2208

Sunny calmly said, “Now that everything has ended, I’ll be safe. You don’t need to worry. Mahina, the butler, and Damian will be here. I’ll be more carefree when you’re not around.” Daisie placed down her cutlery and got up. “Sir, Cameron, I’m done. I’m going to check on them.” She left the space for the father and daughter. After Daisie left, Sunny asked Cameron somberly. “What do you think about Willie?” She looked around. “What do you mean?” “Do you think I can’t tell? Something is going on between you two, and he has feelings for you.” He was very serious. Cameron was shocked. “That’s nonsense.” ‘Wayne has feelings for me?’ “Only you know whether that’s nonsense or not.” Sunny picked up the napkin and dabbed the corner of his lips. “Think about how you feel when you’re around him, then about how you feel when you hang out with the other members.” After that, Sunny picked up his cane and went upstairs. Cameron froze on the spot, her mind in a mess. Did Waylon really ha

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