Chapter 2213

Cameron turned her head sideways and replied, “I’m not.” Waylon chuckled. “This is new, Cameron. I thought you were used to seeing men's bodies since you have been staying under the same roof with other men the whole time?” Cameron turned her head around to meet his gaze. “Are you serious? I’m not embarrassed at all. I dare you to strip yourself naked.” Waylon looked at her silently. With a triumphant grin on her face, Cameron went closer to him and said, “I thought you wouldn't feel embarrassed at all, Wayne. But it seems like I was wrong. It's okay. I don't mind seeing it again.” She was going to win against Waylon once, even if it meant throwing away her own dignity. Cameron coiled her finger around the button on his shirt. However, before she could do anything, he stopped her and narrowed his eyes. “Are you serious about this?” It went without saying that Cameron was just joking with him. After all, what if he was even more shameless than she was? She just wanted to put hi

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