Chapter 2216

Upon catching this scene, Cameron’s cheeks flushed instantly. She pulled her hair out of his hands immediately and combed it. “You actually kissed my hair? What the hell is wrong with you? I’ll kick your *ss if you continue to give me such crap!” Waylon sneered and stared at her. Her face obviously looked like a tomato at the moment, and it seemed that she was trying to act all tough and wanted to threaten him. She was so innocent that he could not help but want to tease and bully her. His gaze landed on her lips, and he rubbed his finger across her lips. “How do you plan to beat me up, Cameron?” She grabbed the hem of his collar with a fierce expression. “If you dare to lay a hand or a leg on me again, I’ll skin you alive.” He gave off a faint smirk. “Okay, then I won’t move my hands or legs from now on.” A warm sensation spread over her lips just as Cameron was in a daze. Her pupils constricted, and it felt like there was a torrent flowing through her entire body, which made h

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