Chapter 221

“Since Madam Vanderbilt has already expressed her opinion, why didn’t you take the opportunity to get back Vaenna’s shares?” Kennedy looked at Maisie incomprehensibly. After all, Stephen would definitely hand the shares to her if she were to mention them to him at this time. Maisie gave off a faint smile. “Soul isn’t very stable yet. I’d have to spend more time and energy if I were to get my hands on Vaenna Jewelry’s shares now. It won’t pay off. “But since my father has promised me not to hand Vaenna’s shares over to Hector, I can naturally rest assured.” Since a while back, her relationship with her father had no longer been as rigid as it was before. Although she had once blamed her father for a lot of things, he was still her biological father. Quincy appeared outside the office with a gift box. He knocked on the door first, smiled, and entered the room. “Ms. Vanderbilt.” Maisie was startled. Her gaze landed on the blue gift box in his hands. “What is that?” “It’s a custom-ma

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