Chapter 2233

Zephir withdrew his hand, nodded, took a look at Nollace, and immediately left the scene. Nollace looked at his back. ‘He knew how to conceal his feelings and kept his emotions from surfacing. It seems that he’s quite a difficult rival to deal with.’ At Blackgold… The news that two supervisors and a manager were fired from the company quickly spread to the ears of the personnel. Obviously, they all knew exactly what this act was for. Especially the employees who had discussed Freyja behind her backs, their faces stiffened and turned pale when they heard the news, for fear that it would be their turn next. In the administrative office… Leonardo reported the progress of the investigation, “Our men have been following them for two days and found that the relationship between the woman and her husband isn’t good. Her husband is working in a company, and he had an affair a year ago and divorced her. “The woman who the husband cheated with also happened to get pregnant before marriag

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